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Mobile business intelligence can help retail companies

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new report by Manthan Systems found that retail is undergoing major changes as mobile trends continue to penetrate the industry. This is especially true as more companies are deploying mobile business intelligence tools to improve data quality and make sense of analyses.

"Retailers deploying a mobile strategy should remember that the true potential of mobile BI can be realized only when it is deployed in a variety of business situations and roles that were untouched by BI and analytics so far," Manthan Systems CEO Atul Jalan said. "That is the true indication of a successful mobile BI strategy."

There is a long list of ways to use mobile business intelligence in retail, including helping campaign managers improve upcoming promotions. Additionally, retail executives can pull up real-time statuses on product availability and prices at any time without leaving the customer, Manthan Systems reported.

According to a report by Gartner, not many organizations have fully adopted mobile business intelligence solutions, as the concept is relatively new. As the consumerization of IT continues, however, and more companies deploy mobile strategies, businesses intelligence will likely be embraced more wholeheartedly.