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Mobile business intelligence 'extremely powerful tool'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Mobile business intelligence (BI) is an "extremely powerful tool", according to one expert.

Timo Elliot, an employee of SAP BusinessObjects, wrote on his personal blog that there is an unspoken assumption that mobile BI extends normal BI.

Indeed, for people on the move having "the dashboards at their fingertips" helps to make the managing process more efficient.

However, the system is also likely to take on some of the responsibilities of existing full-client BI systems, the expert noted.

He explained: "Today's mobile devices aren't just small enough to stick in your pocket, they also tend to use state-of-the-art, multi-touch interfaces.

"It's simply more intuitive and easy to access information using your fingertips than it is a mouse. Increasingly, I find myself reaching for my iPad to access data, rather than my laptop, even when it's right in front of me.

The "explosion" of different operation systems and interfaces, however, could pose a short-term problem to the implementation of mobile BI on a wide scale.