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Mobile cloud computing tipped to grow

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The mobile cloud computing market may soon become increasingly valuable to businesses around the world.

According to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), more and more employees are likely to use their own mobile devices to access their company's systems, Computerworld reports.

This, it stated, could include data and applications that are currently stored in the cloud.

Businesses may therefore need to ensure they have adequate security procedures in place to prevent a data breach from occurring.

"In the past year, there has been a dramatic increase in the rise of cloud security awareness," said Jim Reavis, the CSA's executive director and co-founder.

He added that there is a sense of a "bigger push of cloud adoption" around the world at the moment.

Mr Reavis was speaking after non-profit IT association ISACA said cloud computing could be particularly valuable to small and medium-sized companies, as it would help to level the playing field between them and their larger rivals.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler