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Mobile commerce market driven by consumer trends

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Olivier Ropars, the senior director of mobile commerce at eBay in Europe, recently said there are several trends that will likely impact the mobile market, according to the Guardian.

Predictive technology will be especially important for retailers in the coming years. Leveraging solutions that inform businesses who consumers are, where they are located and what they bought previously will help merchandising processes become more precise, Ropars said. However, decision-makers need to ensure that data quality remains a key aspect of using these tools, as the wrong information will lead to poor strategies.

Ropars also asserted that traditional search technologies are irrelevant in today's society. He said that eBay is already making progress in this area, as consumers can take a picture of an item and a complex algorithm will search the website for similar products. As the proliferation of smartphones and tablets continues, this type of technology will be more important.

A separate report by Juniper Research noted that near-field communications technology will also facilitate growth in the mobile commerce market. The study predicted that roughly $74 billion worth of transactions will be made through NFC-enabled mobile devices by 2015, pushing the ecommerce market upward.