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Mobile could 'help CRM'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Mobile media could be an effective way for businesses to leverage customer relationship management (CRM) systems, it has been claimed.

Paul Berney, managing director for Europe at the Mobile marketing Association, commented that this kind of technology has been traditionally viewed as being useful for advertising purposes, but he stated that it can offer more to companies.

He said that mobile CRM can help firms to retain customers, pointing out that efforts in this area can help as it is easier to keep consumers than find new ones.

Mr Berney added: "Instant customer feedback…and those kinds of things may play an essential part in working with and satisfying the needs of customers in the future."

He recently commented that this kind of technology could help businesses establish a "unique connection" with consumers through CRM.

Mr Berney stated that this is due to the public's need for "on-demand" devices and services.