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Mobile CRM 'allows address data capture in the field'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Mobile customer relationship management (CRM) suites enable businesses to make full use of their computer systems in the field, an expert asserts.

John Stokdyk, technology editor at Sift Media, says that the increasing use of smartphones like BlackBerrys and iPhones means it is more suitable for information workers to use these devices as part of their jobs.

He says that the advantages of this approach include the fact that data can be captured at the source, which could have implications for address data.

"That filters through to more accurate top-level information, so everyone in the organization can get an up to date picture of how the business is doing," he states.

Mr Stokdyk says that the technology is beginning to see serious adoption by a number of the industry's players, allowing the use of a mobile client to free workers from their desks.

A recent study by SAP and Research in Motion has found that enterprise mobility is becoming a business necessity, as firms become used to accessing real-time CRM.