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Mobile devices complete 11% of December online sales

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The growth of m-commerce continues to accelerate, with the latest figures showing that purchases from smartphones and tablets accounted for 11 per cent of all online sales in December.

This is up from the 5.5 per cent observed in December 2010, according to the latest IBM Benchmark report.

Rates of browsing are even higher, with the same study showing that 14.6 per cent of all online sessions were initiated from a mobile device during this period, far more than double the 5.6 per cent measured 12 months previously.

However, conversion rates were 3.6 per cent for mobile devices overall, although those using iPads converted 6.3 per cent of the time.

"By employing a smarter approach to commerce, many retailers were successful in helping to connect their customers with the best deals from anywhere and at any time, even on Christmas Day where online shopping grew by 16.4 per cent over 2010," John Squire, chief strategy officer for IBM Smarter Commerce.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler