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Mobile email usage 'creates challenge to marketers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses that are launching email marketing strategies have been urged to bear in mind what device people will use to open the message.

According to Graham Charlton of Econsultancy, a growing number of consumers are choosing to access their emails on mobile devices, rather than traditional PCs.

As a result, he believes companies could benefit from finding out how many messages are opened on gadgets such as smartphones.

Mr Charlton said this would enable them to make sure their promotional emails are optimized to suit people's handsets.

"It's clear that the growth of mobile email usage presents a challenge for marketers," he commented.

Mr Charlton warned that nearly two-thirds of consumers in the US would either close or delete an email on their mobile phone if it is not properly optimized for their device.

He added that email marketers must "learn how to adapt" their messages so they come across well on this channel.

Posted by Paul Newton