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Mobile email use rises

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketers in the US may be interested in new research from comScore which shows that web-based email witnessed a decline last year.

According to the results of the study, in November last year the number of unique visitors to web-based email sites fell by six per cent compared to the previous year.

However, despite this, there was an increase in the number of users accessing email via their mobile devices over the same period.

Indeed, 36 per cent more users accessed email using mobile platforms, with the uptake of smartphones and the increasingly complex digital environment influencing consumers' communication habits.

"Digital communication has evolved rapidly in the last few years with an ever-increasing number of ways for Internet users to communicate with one another," said Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president of mobile.

"From PCs to mobile devices, whether its email, social media, IM or texting, consumers have many ways to communicate and can do so at any time and in any place."

Posted by Richard Jones