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Mobile proliferation contributes to big data

Paul Newman Archive

The proliferation of mobile devices in and outside the workplace has introduced a number of changes in the private sector as gadget use increases the amount of information companies are now responsible for. This means decision-makers need to consider using big data quality tools to ensure organizations are able to make the most of their newly acquired resources.

A recent report by DataArt highlighted this occurrence, noting that 2013 will encourage executives to use more scalable storage environments for big data and innovative business intelligence solutions to provide greater insight. In the coming years, these analytics tools will become easier to use, allowing more firms to take advantage of their capabilities.

"Mobile computing will be reenergized in 2013, as new applications, more intuitive experiences and advances in everyday use are set to be introduced," said Eugene Goland, president of DataArt.

Forbes said using big data will be particularly appealing to marketers, as analyzing customer information will enable their teams to develop more personalized, targeted strategies. As the mobile landscape continues to evolve and play a role in the progression of big data, companies need to be prepared for what these movements will hold in the future.