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Mobile users against marketing texts

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Internet retailers thinking about taking advantage of the mobile revolution with some direct marketing may want to rethink their strategy.

While use of email marketing has increased in the last year, a new survey indicates that most customers don't want advertising messages sent directly to their smartphones.

The study conducted by mBlox found that 55.2 per cent of smartphone users do not want to receive text messages or in-app advertising on their mobile devices.

Only 15.4 per cent said they would be happy to receive information in such a way, with the rest feeling indifferent towards them.

Michele Turner, mBlox chief marketing officer, says that if retailers get the right strategy for communicating with customers, there is still a lot of potential in m-commerce.

"The way in which shopping habits are evolving indicates that how brands interact with their customers has never been so important," she added.

Posted by Paul Newton