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More analytics means advanced data management

Richard Jones Archive
How companies manage their informational assets could be incredibly important going forward. Storing data has only grown more vital as analytics becomes a corporate priority. According to recent Forrester research, businesses should focus on their information storage strategies, which often end up complicated. The bigger the company, the more pronounced this tendency will be.

The source noted that there are many new software options available to control variables like data quality. Selecting the right one could represent the difference between strong return on investment and confusion. Firms tend to have assets spread over a wide range, meaning finding a way to combine them could be both difficult and important.

There are many important considerations for modern data storage. According to Forrester, that means supporting options like self-service analytics by business users as well as IT pros. It could also include deviations from the norm to meet new regulations.

Business intelligence's evolution could make a similar change in information storage inevitable. New trends include mobile access to data. According to TechTarget editor Craig Stedman, there has been an increase in demand for mobile analytics. If data is cleansed and ready to go when these tablet and smartphone users want it, that could mean increased agility.