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More clarity is needed to prevent loop mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States Postal Service (USPS®) needs to increase awareness of the correct procedures to deal with loop mail, it has been claimed.

Writing for postal affairs blog, Lisa Bowes highlights that workers are being given conflicting instructions to deal with Intelligent Mail® barcode returns.

USPS has issued instructions not to tamper with Intelligent Mail barcodes as it prevents address corrections being placed on the system.

However, Ms Bowes reports that the post office management instruction manual states that returned mail must have the "barcode on the mailpiece … obliterated".

"Barcodes should be obliterated by using a black felt tip marker to fill all the white space between the bars so that the barcode reader will not read the barcode causing the mail to be returned to the origin address," the manual says.

Previously, the Dead Tree blog has said that the use of bad addresses in Intelligent Mail barcodes are to blame for mail being continuously looped to and from processing plants.