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More companies ready to use data centers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Research has found that an increasing number of large companies are willing to outsource to data centers.

Conducted on behalf of Digital Realty Trust, the survey found that just 51 per cent of respondents who plan to expand their data centers this year are planning on using their own resources.

This is a six per cent decline on last year's results, suggesting that more companies are turning towards Software as a Service and outsourcing.

Meanwhile, the research also confirmed that 60 per cent of respondents who are planning on pursuing data center expansion this year intend to lease space from a wholesale provider instead of creating their own facilities.

This is a seven per cent increase on last year's figure, the study confirmed.

Michael Foust, chief executive of Digital Realty Trust, commented: "One key finding is how decisively the industry is moving toward a model that relies on the expertise and resources of data center specialists.

"The lease vs. own analysis has long been a consideration for the corporate enterprise customer. Increasingly, enterprises appear to be favoring the lease model as fewer companies are choosing to go it alone on these capital-intensive projects."