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More companies targeting data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses are constantly striving to reinvent themselves in order to reach their maximum target audiences. For many years, companies would use multiple criteria to measure and effectively produce results. As technology and data solutions have evolved, they have also become more comprehensive and capable at bringing dramatic results in efficiency and performance.

Today, companies are able to target and measure audiences more easily than before, which is why it is becoming even more crucial to make data quality a top priority. Companies that are still using outdated ecosystems which strive for scale instead of more precise and accurate data can get bogged down with inflated and misleading sources, as Ad Age reports.

By focusing on scale rather than quality transparent data, they may actually doing themselves a disservice. Through scaling, it is not uncommon for the data to become blended with less valuable data. This can create wasted man hours and can potentially cause lost profits, the source continued.

There are many solutions available that can create real-time, data-driven ecosystems that produce results and enhance profitability. In fact, many businesses have found the benefits of implementing reliable data quality solutions. Through cleansing and deduplication processes, solutions are able to provide quality and reliable data to help ensure optimum performance and cut wasteful practices. 

By Paul Newton