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Most common direct marketing mistakes revealed

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The most common mistakes made by direct mail marketers have been described in a study by a business website.

Errors such as failing to follow up and over-hyping offers with superlatives were cited as major faux pas in the report by

Content and copy were deemed to be key features of an effective campaign, with marketers advised to place greater stock in their headlines, as "you only have a few seconds to grab the reader".

The report also warned against over-thinking the overall look of the piece and forgetting about its primary function of publicizing information on the product or service advertsied.

"Over-placing too much focus on the design elements of the direct mailing piece, result in marvelous four-color graphics, interesting shapes and eye-catching color, but a discrediting loss of content," warned the site.

In a recent poll on campaign success rates, 42 per cent of marketers said that they would consider a response rate of between five and ten per cent to be sufficiently successful.