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Most data quality errors occur at the point of entry

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Errors at the point of entry are the most common cause of poor data quality, it has been suggested.

Writing on his OCDQ Blog, Jim Harris explains that incorrectly entered information is the most common mistake that can be made.

The expert claims that retail businesses in particular pay close attention to the issue during rebate campaigns, where poorly filled in forms can delay or void payments.

"Data entry errors are perhaps the most commonly cited root cause of poor data quality," he said.

"Poor data quality definitely has a role to play with mail-in rebates - and it's a supporting role that can definitely lead to increased profits."

According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Lepus and Thomson Reuters, more than three quarters of top-level financial service firms are looking to up their spend on data quality projects this year.

The study claimed that organizations want to better assess the impact of storing bad data on business.

Posted by Richard Jones