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Most emails 'irrelevant to consumers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Businesses that use an email verification service to support their marketing campaign could benefit from making their promotional content relevant and immediate.

According to Dr Monica Seeley, an author and international expert on email management, many people who are on mailing lists never bother reading the messages they receive.

Indeed, she said that if people do not open these emails, it might be worth unsubscribing.

Therefore, businesses may need to work harder to ensure a recipient's initial interest in receiving email messages is sustained.

Dr Seeley commented: "80 per cent of what you and I want comes from 20 per cent of the emails."

She said this means consumers have to prioritize in order to avoid wasting masses of time.

This comes after global branding and marketing strategist Kate Adamson insisted emails are still a good way for businesses to keep in touch with customers, but noted they should form part of their wider online program.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler