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Most ZIP Codes to be covered by new iPhone property application

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new application being launched by iPhone will enable users of the smartphone to access information on the vast majority of US ZIP Codes.

The RealQuest Home Value Pro application has been developed by First American CoreLogic and is designed to use zip code software to give prospective property buyers and investors information on around 98 per cent of the country's homes.

Interactive maps will give users the opportunity to view approximate values in specific neighborhoods, while home-price trends over the course of a year and foreclosure information will also be available, all covering more than 140 million properties across the US.

Given the state of the economy at the moment, consumers could find they benefit from having access to such comprehensive and assured data quality on a round-the-clock basis and it could help people be more confident with their money.

In related news, zip code software is being used to set up a new website to help co-ordinate volunteers across the country, according to a report from the Boston Globe.