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Multicultural messages beneficial for marketers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations have been encouraged to spend part of their marketing budget on ensuring that their customer communication campaigns translate to multicultural markets.

DM News reports that companies are recognizing the growing purchasing power of different ethnic groups and targeting their marketing campaigns to reflect this.

However, despite their willingness to devote resources to multicultural marketing, enterprises are struggling to effectively tailor their brand messages effectively.

As such, the news provider put forward a number tips to help marketing professionals get the best from their campaigns.

"Keep international SEO in mind from the start. There is little value in going live with a website or social media campaign that is not optimized with fresh, keyword-specific content," the article said.

It explained that a consistent message should be created using descriptive tagging, rich media, social media distribution and internal and external links, with the overall campaign to creating relevant messages in ads, landing pages, tweets, Facebook postings and search engine marketing.

Posted by Richard Jones