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Multiple platforms work best for marketing campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers stand to gain a lot from combining two separate mediums when attempting to convey their message, research has found.

According to Fresh Business Thinking, it is important for marketing professionals to utilize the technology available to them in order to maximize their ROI from campaigns.

Turlough Martin stated that the large quantities of information concerning customers available through business' CRM databases can be used by companies to connect with potential consumers through different mediums, including mail, SMS and television.

Furthermore, Mr Martin stated that it is important that feedback obtained from this contact is taken on board and acted upon accordingly.

"[This] will ensure that we offer them relevant information more likely to promote a profitable relationship," he noted.

Mr Martin cited a recent study conducted by ITV and the Direct Marketing Association which found that response rates increased by 143 per cent when using more than one platform for customer engagement.

In addition, he claimed that personalized communications were key to building a good rapport with clients.

Organizations can utilize address data from marketing lists or CRM systems to ensure that communications are targeted and relevant during campaigns.

Posted by Paul Newton