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Name change possible for Vancouver, Washington

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Residents of Vancouver in Washington state could find their address details change as a result of a campaign to distinguish the town from its Canadian namesake.

People supporting the name change have suggested re-naming the town Fort Vancouver, which they say will help prevent confusion with Vancouver, British Columbia, while helping the town create its own distinct identity, reports the Vancouver Columbian.

ZIP Codes are used to send out mail to the right addresses, so Portland's post office has said a name change would have no impact on delivery services.

There are people who oppose the change, however, with Royce Pollard, mayor of Vancouver, pointing out there are no other towns or cities in the US with the same name, meaning Vancouver is distinct within the country's 50 states.

In other news, address verification suggests a large number of firefighters, policemen and other public safety professionals living beyond the city boundaries of Tucson, Arizona, may be unable to vote on the upcoming Public Safety Initiative, according to the Arizona Daily Star.