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NASS uses zip code software to provide agriculture data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The National Agricultural Statistics Service (Nass) is using zip code software to make a selection of information available more quickly online, reports

Two years ago a national census of agriculture was taken of all US farm operators and as most farmers operated their businesses where they lived the information was put together using zip code verification.

Farms were not included as being in the zip codes of their actual locations if they were situated beyond the mail zip code.

The select information will be available through the Quick Stats option on the statistics database operated by Nass.

A national population census is due to take place across the US next year and employees of the census bureau have spent the last few months conducting address verification surveys.

IDG News Services recently reported that the bureau used mobile handheld computers to collate the information for the first time in the history of the survey, having improved a range of technical problems found in an earlier trial.