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Need for 911 address accuracy 'becoming more important'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The need for emergency services in the US to have correct address information is becoming increasingly important, it has been claimed.

According to Charlton County 911 coordinator MeLisa Phillips, who works in Georgia, a new initiative to transfer residents to a new address system in order for them to be reached as efficiently as possible has not gone as smoothly as planned.

"The days when the dispatcher, firemen, policemen and [emergency medical technicians] all knew where everybody in the county lived are gone, unfortunately," she told the Charlton County Herald.

"In a situation where it's critical that help reach reach you as quickly as possible, this address change may save your life or the life of someone you love."

The news provider went on to say that some residents still have not returned their original new address cards, while others have chosen not to use their new addresses and some are unaware what these are.

Last week, reported that straightforward 911 services are not always able to identify the location of an emergency caller if residents provide incorrect information or do not live on the ground floor.