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Netflix attacked over data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online DVD rental site Netflix is being sued by a mother after it allegedly revealed information on nearly half a million customers as part of its $1 million contest to improve its recommendation system.

It is claimed that the information released by the site back in 2006 revealed private information about the woman's sexuality.

The suit was filed in the Californian federal courts earlier this month after Ms Doe alleged that the company violated fair trade laws and federal privacy laws which protected video and DVD rental records.

The lawsuit is claiming $2,500 in damages for each of more than two million Netflix customers

It is also filing for an injunction to stop Netflix from launching a second such contest, which is has already promised to do.

This time, the company seeks to give out more data, including the ZIP Codes, ages and genders of users.

It is claimed that this data gives an 87 per cent chance that a person can be uniquely identified.