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New automated service 'reduces 911 worries'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses in Richmond, Virginia, are making use of address validation technology to eliminate unnecessary 911 calls, it has been revealed.

According to news provider Government Technology, when an alarm sounds, address data is transmitted electronically, a request for zip code verification is sent to ensure that a location matches the record of the public safety answering point and the information is then processed by the 911 center's computer-aided dispatch system.

The publication went on to say that the new system helps prevent errors occurring in response to an alarm going off.

Bill Hobgood, public safety team project manager of the Richmond Department of Information Technology, told the news provider: "Most are caught but it's the mistakes that aren't caught that turn into tragedies like somebody entered the wrong alarm type, maybe a burglary instead of a fire, and the wrong responders get sent."

Earlier this month, reported that there are currently over 700 telephony services providers operating nationwide in the US, many of which require businesses and residents to register their own 911 location with the service.