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New CRM system taken on by Ohio University for fundraising

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Ohio University has decided to install a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to help with the running of a range of functions including fundraising.

The new system enables authorities to monitor key metrics and to break down silos by ensuring visibility in a range of activities including outreach, development and engagement, while also delivering comprehensive business and technology practices.

CRM solutions are renowned for their flexibility and the system taken on by Ohio University is no different, as it is able to adapt to the needs of the users and still ensure high data quality.

The technology is predicted by research firm Gartner to be among the most sought-after applications by businesses throughout the course of next year.

Many firms have already recognized the importance of building and sustaining a strong and loyal customer base in the current economic conditions.

In addition, social CRM, involving the monitoring of public chatter on websites such as Facebook and Twitter, is becoming more widely recognized by businesses as an increasingly vital way to keep in touch with public perceptions of a firm.