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New data flows from social networks

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies building extensive data quality, governance and management systems may soon have to create a new set of storage appliances. According to TechTarget, companies have begun listening to social networks to determine the sentiment of the consumer market. Of course, there are many perils associated with this particular kind of information.

The source shared some of the problems that can befall data collection efforts aimed at social networks. For instance, this information cannot be taken as the sole voice of the consumer or the only analytics source consulted. It is inherently limited, especially on platforms like Facebook wherein companies can only see details with user permission.

"We've all been waiting for the walled gardens to come down," consultant Tom Anderson told the source. "The only thing you can get from Facebook is what's said on public company walls, which is much less interesting than what you'd be able to see from what customers are saying on their personal walls."

Businesses caught up in social media's hype may also be missing outreach opportunities. The Plain Dealer reported that companies that struggle with engaging their customers on social media may have notable success with email marketing. That type of contact, however, is often dependent on its own data quality needs.