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New data rules change enterprise technology

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A recent Gartner survey indicated that big data may be much more than a simple tech trend. In fact, the source indicated, it may soon become the key to important systems changes affecting many different departments and functions. Companies that find ways to deal with the storage, management and data quality issues accompanying the change now could be much better positioned than their peers to face the coming status quo.

According to the source, the current adoption of big data is just the beginning. The research indicated that by 2015, industry leaders will be eager to combine their big data systems with existing products and infrastructures, and that by 2018, such combinations will be pervasive.

"[B]ig data will once again become 'just data' by 2020 and architectural approaches, infrastructure and hardware/software that does not adapt to this 'new normal' will be retired," said Gartner's Mark Breyer. "Organizations resisting this change will suffer severe economic impacts."

TechTarget reported that analytics leader William Hakes recently suggested big data could lead to massive changes at the corporate level. According to the source, Hakes implied the new approach to information storage and use could become as prevalent as IT departments in general are today.