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New database management systems 'changing market'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New database management systems for administrators who manage their services through conventional disk-based systems have been made available, completely revolutionizing the industry, it has been claimed.

Methods that were previously used to drive queries in a solely linear fashion has become a thing of the past, according to research by IDC.

The company's report claimed that within the next five years data warehouses will be governed in a completely different way, being stored in a columnar method and with large-scale databases achieving horizontal scalability through clustering.

In addition, a revamp of the way data is collected and problems reported on will mean a more data-quality-friendly system is run.

Carl Olofson, research vice-president for Database Management and Data Integration software research at IDC, said: "These technologies are no longer on the fringes, used only to solve exotic data warehouse or other intensive number-crunching problems.

"They are becoming mainstream and are offered by a wide variety of vendors – some new, some quite familiar – to solve common, real-world data management problems."