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New Jersey town unveils plan to simplify zip codes

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Residents in New Jersey are to have the opportunity to unify their mailing addresses under one zip code, it has been revealed.

Homeowners in Depfort currently make use of six zip codes from bordering communities and residents of the 18 sq m township have complained that they have trouble receiving their mail, according to the Courier Post.

Mayor Paul Medany told the news provider that despite this, many homeowners are against the move because they do not want to change their details.

Township manager Denise Rose put the case for the new grouping, saying: "In the last census, Oak Valley [residents] appears to have been counted as part of Wenonah. This type of error adversely affects the township status in applying for grants among other things."

According to the newspaper, Depfort officials are pushing for the move to simplify administration in the statement.

On July 1st, the US Postal Service will change zip codes in central Arizona that start with 852 to 851 in areas of Pinal County, Queen Creek and some areas of Maricopa County.