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New Mexico judge blocks driver license address verification plans

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A New Mexico judge has blocked plans to introduce new address verification measures in the state which would make it harder for illegal immigrants to obtain a driver's license.

District Court Judge Sarah Singleton has issued an order bringing a temporary halt to address validation plans, which are backed by Republican governor Susana Martinez.

The decision is a "fairly standard" procedural step, according to a spokesperson for Governor Martinez.

New Mexico is one of a number of states where it is not necessary for drivers to verify whether they continue to live in the state when applying for licenses.

Speaking to Reuters, spokesman Scott Darnell explained: "The governor has the responsibility to identify and attempt to curb the dangerous fraud and identity theft that is inherent in it."

Attorney for Latino civil rights group MALDEF, Martha Gomez, believes that the program is unconstitutional "because it unfairly targets certain Latinos in New Mexico and places a higher burden on them beyond what the law requires of other residents".

Posted by Paul Newton