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New Moreno Valley distribution center ensures improved service

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Residents of San Bernardino in California have been enjoying an improved postal service in the last year since a new distribution center was established in the Moreno Valley.

The new center has taken significant pressure off the San Bernardino facility, with over a million pieces of mail being processed on a daily basis and officials say the center guarantees all local ZIP Codes starting 925 now get their first-class mail delivered the day after posting, reports the Press-Enterprise.

Moreno Valley was opened in October 2008 and has sorted nearly 360 million letters during that time, with ZIP Code verification carried out first in San Bernardino, before 53-foot trucks take them on to the new facility.

Nearly 140 people are employed at the Moreno Valley center and the facility's machines sort through 36,000 pieces of mail an hour by the early hours of each morning.

In other news, 600 residents of Los Angeles County in California whose address data has previously listed them as living in Rowlands Heights could soon find they officially live in nearby Diamond Bar benefitting from local services, according to the Los Angeles Newspaper Group.