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New partnership set to offer marketers a boost

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Experian has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with customer engagement technology specialist Alterian to provide clients with a solution to integrate customer data from multiple channels into a centralized database.

The technology aims to enable marketers to better predict and understand consumer behaviors, purchase drivers and channel preferences and open up new possibilities for one-to-one marketing.

Jeff Lundal, general manager of data management services for Experian Marketing Services, explained that the current economic climate had made it difficult for marketers.

Indeed, the expert stated that many are now looking to "anticipate and evolve" their marketing strategies to reflect the increasing customer demand for a more personalized form of communication.

"Today's consumers have many choices for transactions and engagement, so the smarter you can become about your customers, the more effective you can be as a multi-channel marketer. The need to have a holistic view of customers has never been greater," he added.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler