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New postal campaign seeks to combine mailings and mobile advertising

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new promotional campaign by the U.S. Postal Service could help companies create new mobile advertising opportunities. During July and August, the Postal Service will offer a discount on mailings that include a barcode or mobile technology that can be read by a mobile device.

The 2 percent discount on postage could help companies launch new campaigns aimed to support mobile marketing platforms. Direct mailing remains an effective way to support new media and the inclusion of a mobile barcode can help drive sales to a mobile purchasing site. At least one technology company, Syderlynk, has announced that it will offer a discount to companies that use its product.

The number of campaigns seeking to take advantage of mobile marketing is likely to increase sharply this summer, but the effective campaigns will need a to verify their consumer contact data thoroughly. The combination of mailing and mobile marketing could require companies to use email and address verification software.

Personalizing the mailing can increase response rates, which can be taken even higher by personalizing the mobile purchasing software. Once a consumer uses the barcode on the mailing, he or she could be more inclined to make a purchase if his or her mobile account is opened automatically. This process will save steps, reduce time and could lead to a high number of sales.