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New rules govern health sector marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The US Department of Health and Human services has announced a selection of new rules for marketing in the sector.

Plans to make changes to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act were revealed last month, with limitations now imposed on the use of protected health information for marketing and fundraising purposes.

Georgina Verdugo, director of the Office for Civil Rights, said that the new regulations would strengthen security in the sector.

"This rulemaking will strengthen the privacy and security of health information, and is an integral piece of the administration's efforts to broaden the use of health information technology in health care today," she said in a statement.

Under the plans, patients are now allowed to restrict access to certain health information and must now give their consent if information about them is to be sold.

Meanwhile, a recent article on the Information Management website claimed that data quality and integration are "critically important" to the health sector and need to be addressed if services are to be improved.

Posted by Paul Newman