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New technology helps marketers to pinpoint right locations

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketers should begin moving away from the old ZIP +4 model and towards using geospatial location intelligence, according to an industry expert.

Using such technology to perform deeper analysis on target areas intended for direct campaign and allows sellers to better pinpoint where exactly to place their campaigns.

Leading Fortune 500 marketer Paul Barsch noted that geospatial technology allowed users to transform customer addresses into geographic coordinates.

This allows for the expansion of the entire process and the ability to easily calculate distances between stores and distribution centres, as well as disaster planning and comprehensive risk management.

Use of this technology essentially allows users to "market by the mile - or less", according to Mr Barsch.

However, while ZIP +4 can allow easy conversion of mailing lists, geospatial usage involves an analytical infrastructure such as a database and timely data integration.

Mr Barsch argues that these methods, while not as inexpensive as ZIP +4, are worth the capabilities of the end result.