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New York education authorities not utilizing data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Education authorities in New York are collecting all of the data that they need to meet federal guidelines, a new report has claimed.

This is according to a study by the Data Quality Campaign, which added that the state still has a way to go before it starts using the data to boost student achievement.

Since 2005, the organization has surveyed each US state's education department to find out what student information school systems gather and how they use it to boost student achievement.

The campaign compares each state's system against a list of ten elements it calls "essential" for robust data tracking and another ten it says states should take to best use the data they collect.

According to the report, the body recommends that New York authorities share data with teacher preparation programs and require teachers to be trained in analyzing student data.

The analysis added that the state does provide opportunities for non-educators to learn how to analyze and interpret student and school data.

Posted by Richard Jones