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News source uses ZIP Code software to track crime rate

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A news organization is using ZIP Code software to track which neighbourhoods have the worst crime rates around Evansville, Indiana.

After the area endured a year of increasing crime rates, WFIE 14 News, which covers Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, has been using ZIP Code software to track the rate of robberies and burglaries around the Evansville.

It has found that no district has been immune from the increase, but that the 47714 ZIP has been the hardest hit.

In this area, there have been 30 robberies and 185 burglaries in the past year, which is nearly one every two days, according to the news organization.

Local resident Jake Benton said that the locals "lock all our doors now and … lock all the windows".

Speaking to WFIE 14, he added: "Usually around this neighborhood, you never think that people will come in and break into your house, especially when you are at school and you think your house is safe where all your possessions are."

Other ZIP Codes identified by the organization as high-risk crime areas include 47710, to the north side of Mr Benton's neighbourhood. Here, there have been 56 robberies and 80 burglaries.

The news source also found that to the east and west of the crime-struck district, bordering ZIP Codes are fairing much better, with both 47715 and 47712 reporting less than 50 burglaries each in the past year.