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No substitute to 'learning the basics' of data quality models

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Individuals who use data quality software have been advised to ensure that they are fully aware of the types of data that they are analyzing so they can get the best results.

Writing for Data Quality Pro, Dylan Jones highlights how important good software knowledge is in making sure data quality is being utilized to its full potential.

He points out that businesses must ensure that they do not get caught up in advances currently present in data quality software and remain focused on their "fundamental" goals.

He writes: "There is simply no replacement for knowing the data. Learning the basics of a data model doesn't take very long but provides valuable insight into an organizations data state."

Meanwhile, according to a recent blog post on OCDQ, the importance of data quality as a corporate asset should not be overlooked.

Jim Harris described it as being "vital" to a company's success.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler