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Nonprofits benefit from address verification

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Charities and nonprofits fulfill a host of worthwhile needs for our communities. Many of these organizations survive because of the success of their annual fundraising efforts.  These yearly drives help raise the money needed to sustain the high level of services that accomplish the nonprofit's mission.

With fundraising being critical to the goals of the organization, the quality of donor information needs to be made a top priority of any nonprofit. Many charities are able to repeatedly call on the same donors who support their cause. This group represents the bulk of the funds raised for the charity, but repeated mailings, newsletters and donations can lead to some duplication within the organization's files.

Address verification programs can assist nonprofits and other groups save time and money by eliminating duplicate donors. The process can assist organizations in maintaining an effective donor list that is the lifeline of all nonprofits.

A streamlined list of donors can also aid charities in identifying new partners. Properly maintaining good data quality can identify common traits that can be used to find additional supporters. Capturing new donors can be one of the more expensive tasks of a fundraising campaign. Validated information can help increase the success of donor appeals.