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Now is a good time to invest in CRM, businesses told

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been encouraged to adopt customer relationship management (CRM) solutions in order to improve relationships with their consumers.

Small Business Computing reports that developments within the market mean that organizations have picked the ideal time to look at investment options in this type of business tool.

The news provider noted that many CRM solutions on the market at present also leverage social media to help a business connect to customer conversations from social networking sites.

"The problem today is our contacts and our communications are in too many places," said Jon Ferrara, chief executive officer and founder of Nimble.

"Between IM, text messaging, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and email, we can't keep track of it all. Trying to manage all of this in eight different tabs on your browser isn't the solution."

It follows recent research from the Aite Group which found that financial advisors are more reliant on CRM systems than ever before. Increasing client numbers has meant that a number of industry professionals are looking to manage their customers in a more efficient and strategic manner.

Posted by Richard Jones