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NY post office celebrates Black History Month

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A post office based out of Staten Island in New York is to issue a special commemorative stamp to honor Black History Month.

Doris (Dorie) Miller, the first black US hero of the World War II conflict, will be immortalized on the stamp in conjunction with both the celebration of African American history and culture and this month's celebrations of Distinguished Sailors.

The honoring of naval personnel has been ongoing at post offices of the United States Postal Service (USPS®) this month and the inclusion of Dorie Miller, who became an inspiration from his actions at Pearl Harbour, will take place on February 26th.

Postmaster General John E Potter said of the naval tributes: "These brave individuals represent the US Navy's proud legacy of service to this nation. Their example is an inspiration to every American."

Other servicemen honored are William S Sims, Arleigh A Burke and John McCloy, all of whom played a large part in the service and modernization of the US navy throughout the 20th century.