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Ohio treasurer publishes state workers pay online

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Ohio state treasurer Josh Mandel has published details of state employees salaries on his website, in pursuit of better data quality and transparency for US citizens.

The site enables people to search by name, department and salary range, with the Buckeye Institute's Matt Mayer claiming that this will allow Ohioans to make better educated decisions.

Speaking to the Ohio News Network, Mr Mayer, whose company helped to compile the research, explained: "The more transparency we can have in how much government costs in Ohio the better.

"Especially local governments and Higher Ed where huge amounts of costs are really compensation package costs."

Residents in Idaho were recently warned to be wary of an identity theft scam, in which criminals are targeting retailers offering delivery services.

In a recent incident, Computer Guy from Idaho Falls was targeted and lost $17,000 when a criminal placed an order using a stolen credit card.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler