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OK claims data quality failures have affected test scores

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A student achievement testing firm has come under fire for data quality failures that have created incorrect results.

Oklahoma's state superintendent of schools Janet Barresi has called for a review of the contract the state has with Pearson Education Ltd, after learning that some significant errors had been made in the reporting of standardized examination results.

The mistakes have delayed the submission of the Adequate Yearly Progress and Academic Performance Index scores for schools.

Ms Barresi explained that since these indices can result in a school being put on poor performance lists, it is vital that they are a true reflection of the institution's actual results.

"This is absolutely unacceptable … This is about districts making the appropriate decision about educating their students. This is districts trying to determine whether they have fulfilled requirements," she added.

Meanwhile, firms involved in clinical research have also come in for criticism, with the Drug Information Association expressing concern that there are not enough safeguards for preservation of data quality in the sector.

Posted by Paul Newton