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One simple tip to boost marketing automation success

Marketing automation tools are awesome. They come with a promise of contextual marketing, customized content, higher quality leads, unicorns and rainbows…everything a marketer could ever want. Are you looking for a simple way to boost your marketing automation platform’s success? Look no further than an email verification solution.

You can set up elaborate marketing automation workflows, customized landing pages and personalized content that rivals Amazon, but without good data your hard work is not going bring the results you’re hoping for. Email verification helps ensure your emails are reaching the inbox, safeguard against invalid contact information entering your marketing database, and improve your overall conversion rate.

Ensure emails are reaching the inbox

The ability to send customized emails in a scalable way is a huge part of a marketing automation tool’s value proposition. Email marketing will only be successful if the emails are reaching your intended recipient. Email verification is important for marketers as they collect addresses in real time, and on a regular, ongoing basis since email addresses change frequently.

One way that an email verification solution can enhance your marketing automation platform is by validating emails at the point of collection. By verifying an email address in real time, you can ensure you’re gathering good data or prompt the user to fix the invalid address while they’re still engaged. This is especially important for those sending welcome emails or other marketing messages that customers need to receive quickly.

If you’re using marketing automation for nurture campaigns or ongoing email campaigns, regularly cleansing your database with an email verification solution is important. On average, approximately two percent of your email database will change each month. Validating your list frequently helps mitigate the risk of a damaged sender reputation. A poor sender reputation can lead to deliverability issues or blacklisting, which will negatively affect all of your email marketing efforts.

Safeguard against invalid addresses

Email verification can also be seamlessly integrated into landing pages or web forms that are created with your marketing automation tool. Filtering out bogus data not only benefits your marketing campaigns by protecting your sender reputation, but it also benefits your sales teams that need to follow up with those leads. Sending the sales team leads that have validated contact information will save time and energy that would have otherwise been spent reaching out to disconnected numbers or emailing to bad addresses. Implementing email verification on your forms is a simple way to give your marketing automation performance a boost.

Increase form conversions

After integrating email verification on your web forms, you should see increased conversions, since you'll be able to contact and further engage with people you would have otherwise lost to typos or fake email addresses. This is particularly important for marketers who only collect email addresses on their forms, since you will never be able to reengage users who enter a fake or invalid address. By validating email addresses as they are entered in real time, you ensure the ability to communicate with those users again.

Without good data, you cannot expect a successful return from your marketing efforts. Email verification is a simple way to boost your marketing automation success by helping email deliverability of both real-time campaigns and ongoing nurture campaigns, improved quality of data collected from your forms and landing pages, and enhanced conversion rates of users that may have been lost to typos or invalid addresses.