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One-to-one marketing the 'most effective' method for businesses

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Personalized marketing is the most effective form of promotion for companies to use, but many do not have the resources to carry it out correctly, it has been claimed.

Writing for Target Marketing Magazine, Renan Levy highlighted the importance of personalized marketing in product campaigns.

He cited a study carried out by the Aberdeen Group which found that although 94 per cent of marketers believe that one-to-one marketing results in increased performance, only 16 per cent of "best-in-class" companies have implemented it.

Mr Levy claimed that the low take up rate was a direct result of a lack of data quality rules and limited information to back up the method.

Furthermore, he recommended marketers regularly use address verification and standardization software, as up to 20 per cent of standard list data contains incorrect address data.

"The process of address verification, cleaning and application of 'National Change of Address' should take place at least quarterly and certainly before deployment of any major direct marketing campaign," Mr Levy writes.

Earlier this year, MultiChannelMerchant reinforced this view by stating that the more personalized nature of direct mail made it more effective than new forms of promotion.

Posted by Richard Jones