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Ongoing data maintenance required for 'good data quality'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses must perform ongoing data maintenance if they want to ensure that data quality remains high.

This is the view of Navin Sharma, director of global product strategy and data quality for Pitney Bowes Business Insight, who explained that it was of paramount importance to keep up to date with ever-changing customer information.

The expert told Information Management that organizations were faced with two options to ensure high data quality - these are batch maintenance and data entry.

Mr Sharma said that speed and reliability is required for data quality for the latter and a more thorough and complete solution is needed for batch management.

"Despite rigorous efforts, it is important to recognize that even the best data goes stale over time," he added.

"It is an unavoidable occurrence - customers move, update email addresses, change preferences and modify their relationships with companies regularly."

Meanwhile, a recent study sponsored by SAP Sybase has found that good data quality has significant financial benefits for businesses.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler