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Online businesses fall short with customer service

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers are failing to consider the effect that customer service can have on the perception and strength of their organization, it has been claimed.

According to brand consultancy Wolff Olins, the customer experience is being overlooked in favor of achieving sales.

As a result, the firm states that companies are missing out on a golden opportunity to build customer loyalty.

Suzy Radcliffe, retail strategist at the consultancy, explained that many retailers ignore the problems that can arise after a package has been sent out.

"In the event that anything goes wrong, they should be fixing it quickly, fixing it well and just being very, very responsive to consumers," she added.

"That is a really fruitful area for retailers to start building brand loyalty and brand advocates by offering superb customer service."

According to the results of a recent survey by COLLOQUY, one-quarter of US consumers are far more likely to spread the word about a bad experience than a good one.

Indeed, the research found that 26 per cent of survey respondents are more likely to spread the word to family, friends and co-workers about a bad experience with a product or service than a good one.

Posted by Richard Jones