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Online marketing 'involves a lot of work'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations which use email marketing for business to business purposes need to recognize the work involved in online marketing before they take it on.

Matt Eve, owner of and author of The Essential Guide to Small Business Online Marketing, said that often companies set up social media accounts and think the work stops there.

He said that in traditional marketing, organizations could get away with a monthly newsletter or a sales letter every quarter, but online marketing is more demanding.

"Now everything is much more instant and you have this constant requirement to provide content - whether it is articles, or Twitter tweet or Facebook updates. If you're going to do it properly there is actually quite a lot of work involved," Mr Eve explained.

However, Professor Joshua Bamfield, director of the Centre for Retail Research, recently claimed that social media can be hugely beneficial if it is done correctly and the marketing leads consumers somewhere.

Posted by Richard Jones